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Dentures are made to replace missing teeth and are worn by millions of people across the world. There is no reason why a modern denture should not be as comfortable as your own teeth.

Treating missing teeth

We use the latest technologies for teeth replacement and provide dentures for people of all ages. We have successfully provided all kinds of denture treatments of varying costs and sophistication.

We proved fixed and removable dentures. We work with partial and full dentures of various materials. We are always up to date on the latest denture technologies and always recommend the best materials available. You can trust to make the best judgment for you.

Getting used to your dentures

New dentures do take some time getting used to. Wearers can expect this period of adjustment to last as long as two months.

Some denture wearers need to wear their dentures without removing them for a certain period of time. This allows your dentist to make the critical initial adjustments for proper fit, and to identify any pressure points that may be causing discomfort.

Caring for your dentures

Dentures today are made from very advanced materials designed to give you a natural appearance.

However, keep in mind that just like your teeth, dentures should be cared for with diligence. This means daily brushing and regular visits to your dentist for minor adjustments.

Remember to rinse and brush your dentures after every meal, and soak them in denture solution overnight. This also allows your gums to breathe while you sleep.