Citi Dental Care - Your South Delhi Family Dentists

Oral Surgery may be needed for a variety of dental problems including diseases and accidents. We have a very clean environment and great doctors for every kind of surgery needs. We have decades of experience in every kind of surgery and operate on patients in house.

We also have the best equipment and facilities within our clinic. Some of the conditions for which Oral Surgery may be needed are:

  • Impacted teeth, Wisdom teeth, dental implants etc.
  • Jaw related problems like improving a fit for dentures
  • Facial Injury Repair including Jaw Fractures
  • Removing lesions and Biopsy
  • Pain or swelling in the face, neck or jaws as a result of infections
  • Snoring or trouble sleeping
We have successfully treated hundreds of patients in a variety of cases. We get patients from across India and across the world.

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